Watch Me Grow (WMG) helps New Hampshire families to ensure their child’s brightest future by tracking his or her growth and development. It is New Hampshire’s developmental screening, referral and information system for families of children ages birth to six years.

What Does Watch Me Grow Offer Families?

  • Information about children’s health and development
  • Developmental screening questionnaires based on the child’s age
  • Tips on how to help children grow and learn
  • Timely connections to appropriate services, supports, and resources when needed.

How Does it Work

WMG is easy and there is no cost to families! Parents complete three simple steps:

  • 1

    Get a copy of the screening questionnaire online or a paper copy from the Watch Me Grow organization near you.

  • 2

    Complete the questionnaire on your own, or with help from the Watch Me Grow organization near you.

  • 3

    Submit the completed questionnaire online or to the Watch Me Grow organization near you.

Get Started Today

To get a screening questionnaire, use the dropdown menu below to select your town/city. To get a copy online, follow the instructions on the webpage. To get a paper copy, use the contact information on the webpage to request a copy of the questionnaire.

Select Your Town/City

WMG is coordinated by the NH Department of Health and Human Services and the WMG Steering Committee, which includes representatives from state agencies and public and private organizations. WMG locations and their partners throughout the state offer screening activities to families.